Based on a best-selling novel by Adrian Plass, starring Drew Waters and Natasha Little.

BIRCHES tells the story of a once prominent author/speaker struggling to put his life back together after the untimely death of his young wife. It's not until a reluctant weekend encounter with old friends that he begins to find his first steps toward the path of healing.

Co-produced with M6 Entertainment, Larlee Enterprises and Neema Media.

Winner of CEVMA Best Drama Award

Grace & Gravity (2018)

For Love's Sake (2013)

Starring Bruce Marchiano and Richard Brimblecombe.

John Palmer, an American evangelical Christian on a work assignment in the UK, stumbles across Chris Arnold, a British atheist who is about to end his life by leaping from a bridge. John realises that it will take more than words to save Chris's (and his own life) Grace and Gravity mixes quirky humour and riveting drama to convey ideas about authentic faith, friendship and evangelism.

Co-produced with Vision Video, Christian Multimedia Australia.

Winner of x5 ICVM Crown Awards.

A film made possible through the support of local community churches in Cheshire, UK.

For Love's Sake is a faith-based drama based on a true story. After the tragic death of her husband, Mary Walker falls into a spiral of suicidal depression and subsequently loses custody of her two boys. Through the intervention of her church community and a caring therapist, Mary regains her faith, experiences emotional healing, and finds the strength to fight a skeptical bureaucracy for custody of her children.

Co-produced with Vision Video.

Winner of x2 UK Christian Film Festival Awards

Birches (2020)